Module 6 milestone 2

After the following everything a/c to the instruction I am struck with vsftpd server not loading up becz it can’t open the RSA certificates although the directories are correct still, can anyone help where am I going wrong
error code for reference 500 OOPS: SSL: cannot load RSA certificate

Check config file carefully all options are correct or not.
check RSA certificate and private key location .

since i could cat the key in my console from the location in config file means i am using the location correctly , i extensivly followed this
does the key file needs any special permissions ?

Try to generate ssl certficate file in the same directory where your vsftpd_secure file is. @Adityas

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@Piyush_Pant I’m generating certificate in same directory as of vsftpd_secure; but still I’m getting cannot load RSA certificate error.

Maybe it would be other issue then , did you worked with conf file properly ? @ayush_pandey

@Piyush_Pant found the issue.

great :100: , just mention the issue here, maybe someone stuck with the same issue @ayush_pandey

Actually, I was specifying the wrong path of the RSA certificate file in the conf file.