Module 6 milestone 2 issue

Create a file secure_transfer_command_line_client in the secure_transfer directory with:

  1. First line: Did the files get transferred securely (yes/no)?
  2. Second line: If yes, detail any changes made. If not, explain why.

whether we have to check this for the filezilla file transfer

or the

ftp transfer

You can check for filezilla it will works for you

You have to create a pcap file for this type of file transfer and see the packets, compare it with normal ftp file transfer. Then you can answer the second question.

This question asks you to use the ftp on the same host as the QBox Server for file transfer.

but this is to be done in milestone 3

Following questions are in context with the CMD Transfer. The file name itself suggests. The pcap file is to be compared in milestone3.