Module 6 alphaVantage Api response

I have mapped the api to AlphaVantageDailyResponseclass using object mapper but the values when seen in the debugger shows null for each of the six entry.
What am i doing wrong?
I have followed this thread but am unable to proceed.
Any help ?

Yes, it’s because you have a different json schema to deal with.
That one if the the core learning of this model to fix those null values. So I would suggest to spend time understanding alphavantage jain and process the same.

If you could point me in the correct direction that would be helpful as i have been stuck on these for the past 2 days.

If you would notice, the response is json nested within json i.e kind of some dictionary mapping. Now we are interested only in the details corresponding to dates. Think if you could somehow iterate over the date range and extract the relevant fields, you might get your work done. N.B. Debugging mode will help you a lot for this.

See the response you’re getting from API is something like in nested form. For parsing and extracting out the information which we need you have to apply different filters. The filter you made is just a first filter and after first filter you have to apply second filter (Hint : see the alphavantage Daily Response file why getCandles method present there). After you apply both filters you will get a map<date, alphavantage> filter. Try to understand maps data and move forward.

Use debugger extensively to understand whats happening behind the scene