Module-5; Milestone #4; Abnormal connection termination

I have been trying and submitting this task since past 1 day now. I passing all test cases except for the 5th one (i.e, pcap_check_connection_termination).
I have submitted by files atleast 100 times and all have been failed for this particular test case

Here is the full question :

  1. Open up the client_connection1.pcap from the QBox directory.
  2. This pcap was taken when the client was downloading a file from the QBox Server.
  3. Do you see an abnormal connection termination in the file?
  4. Submit a new file abnormal_connection_termination_details in the analyzing_protocol directory with the following details.
  • First line: Packet number where an abnormal connection termination is first seen.
  • Second line: Who is initiating the connection termination (provide the IP address)?
  • Third line onwards: Use a previously connected pcap file for a normal connection termination between your laptop and the QBox host. Paste the packets that show a normal connection termination.

I have filled all 3 lines
The 3rd line I have taken connection packets from a successful connection of the previous file transfer to QBox Server. I have copied the packet as summary text and pasted them from line 3 onwards.

The main error is in line 1 and 2 I think. Even though I have put the correct packet number and source IP for the required problem packets, I keep failing this test cases. And just to test this, I have tried atleast a 50 different packet numbers where I think error is and have pasted their source IPs

I am stuck on this from past 1 day, please help me pleaseeee!!
I want to move onto module 6 and today is last day, please someone help me. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

What is written in unit log?

And you can also try just writing the packets number separated by comma in the third line. It worked for me though.

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The packet number specified in your submission(First line) is incorrect in that it doesn’t indicate an abnormal connection termination.

Sir, but I have tried multiple packet numbers and I am sure they are abnormal. Not sure what is abnormal then. And there are no hints available for this task as well. Can you please point me in the right direction? I know the packet number mentioned by me is wrong, but I am not able to find the abnormal packet also, even after multiple attempts. Please help me, I am stuck since a very very long time, I am tired of re-submitting again and again, please give me some help.

Try looking at the flags of the packet. You know which flag is used when there is abnormal connection termination :slight_smile:

Try looking at the packets from the bottom of the pcap file

just compare the connection termination in client_connection 2.pcap and client_connection 1.pcap may be you can get a big hint or may be your answer just by looking at both files.

Hey is your error resolved even I am facing the same error

It is not resolved, can you tell me your slack ID, lets discuss there

@jaiagarwal Try adding just the packet number in the 3rd line and not the whole summary.

I don’t think we are allowed to do that…

what’s the error message in unitTest log file for this milestone

Facing same error. Is anybody solved it.

Write the packet numbers used for a normal termination seperated by comma.

just separated by coma like 23,34,45 or comma and space like 23, 34, 45

The format is like 23, 34, 45

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This might help: