Module 5 milestone 3 Unable to understand

  1. When the filezilla client to QBox server connection is ESTABLISHED , use the netstat command on your laptop (where the filezilla client is running) and on the QBox host to see the TCP connection from both sides.
  2. Submit a new file internal_to_external_IP_mapping with 2 lines.
  • First line: specify the IP address of the client (seen in the netstat output on laptop) followed by the IP address assigned to the client internally on the QBox Server side. Separate the 2 IP addresses by space.
  • Second line: specify the external IP address of the QBox Server (seen in the netstat output on laptop) followed by the internal IP address used by the QBox Server.
  • Use ifconfig / ipconfig to see the IP addresses on either side.
    what is meant by internal and external IP addresses and how to identify those @amanagar @Kiran

Do refer this thread:

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Record your observations

  1. Create file named packet_numbers_for_tcp_connection_setup in the analyzing_protocol directory.
  2. On the first line: From client_connection_file_transfer.pcap , specify the packet numbers where TCP connection establishment is seen as a comma separated list.
  3. On the second line: specify the integer value for time taken for this establishment in milliseconds. ( If the connection establishment is taking too long, it points to a slow network. )

thanks @Aravind_Menon my you please hint from where I can find time taken for establishment third point as it is no where in .pcap point and ttl time I don’t think is time taken for connection

@divs30 Refer the vsftpd.log file and check the corresponding transfer.