Module 5 milestone 3 : Error in three way handshake

client_connection_file_transfer.pcap -> Failure: The packets do not indicate the full TCP handshake [‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’]

I think i had written the correct answer . So whtas’s the error ?

Have you written these in correct format?

Number1, number2, number3

yes i mentioned the numbers as 1, 2, 3

I think so your problem is with the port you are looking for tcp connection

I am looking on the port 8081 only

The client_connection_file_transfer.pcap that you have submitted is not the same as the one you have this snapshot from. Please check the pcap file you have submitted again.

Hi there! I am also getting the same error. I have checked twice Still getting the same

The packet numbers you’ve submitted don’t indicate a complete handshake. Note that a TCP handshake involves 3 messages. The log attached to your assessment mail clearly calls this out.
And you can submit packet numbers for 1 full handshake. There is no need to show packets numbers for all the TCP handshakes in the pcap.

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Okay! Let me try out this

Hey @AnmolGupta and @ndsingh, when you export packets to a new pcap file its sequence numbers get changes relatively. So mention the packet numbers from the final pcap which you submitted in the module.

Thankyou! It worked.