Module 5 milestone 3 and 4 assessment

I dont know why the error logs are giving zero_window_details returncode > 0! and abnormal_connection_termination_details returncode > 0!.I have checked everything .Can someone help me out

your uploaded file may be corrupted or check the name of your files.
This occurs when script running for assessment doesnt get what it is looking for.

I’ve checked them.Still not finding anything.

Hey @Patralekha as @yashgoyal said it happens because of that and also make sure you are following correct format and you are not leaving any trailing spaces and lines between answer as it is mentioned.

In Zero Window Details, you to just mention packet numbers I guess.
And in abnormal_connection_termination_details your first line is correct I guess but you have to explain why it happened in the second line, in this case.

I’ve got it thank you.There was a space at the end and in the abnormal connection details,I pasted the packet instead of the packet number.

Thank you.It was failing because of an additional space.