Module 5 Milestone 2

It is given that some packet numbers have multiple ip addresses for
Is it always necessary to have such packets. I tried using the ping and traceroute commands for and used tcpdump for storing the packet in a pcap file, but in my file, there was no such packet which had multiple comma separated addresses.
Should I increase the duration of packet capture?
And will the filter that I applied for the protocol affect this?

Run the ping command for 10 seconds and capture packets. Use wireshark to see that pcap file and study it. When we ping google, the ip address that you pinged is going to be the same until you stop the process and ping again.

Yes, I have done the same.
But the milestone says " Specify the packet numbers where IP address for is resolved as a comma-separated list". This means there should be some packets having more than a ip address that is represented as a comma-separated list. And I am not seeing any such packets.

In this task you are observing the functions of DNS. Like when you ping, we haven’t typed an IP Address of that website. So your request will go to DNS server and then that name will be resolved into an IP Address.

Read the instructions properly…You will definitely get idea.

it says “the packet numbers where IP address for is resolved”
these packet numbers are to specified as comma separated value in the solution/specified file