Module 5 Milestone 2:Am I going in the right direction?

Here ,my packet number should be only 2 or 16 also.

Read the instructions. You need to write set of packet numbers that are involved in DNS.
And you dont need to involve all the sets. Only one is enough.

You can think of set as combination of both, request and response.

I dont understand can u explain a little bit more.You mean I have to write like 1,2 .

You are in right direction, just write like a, b, c
Where a,b,c sre packet numbers

You are requesting from a source to destination
And you are getting response from destination to source
This makes a set.

You are in right direction

Here,how do I know two packets belong to a same set .
Here,1,2 and 15,16 are two seperated sets?

You are getting response after a packet. So it can be considered as set.

You are moving in the right direction

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Thank you for the help

keep grinding. Happy coding

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