Module 4 vsftpd.conf

My ftp server was running fine in module 3
But now in module 4 it is showing following error
I have checked using netstat and ps -ef command that server is running

Hey have you made any new changes to the config file?

No, i haven’t made any changes

is your issue resolved?
did you make any new changes in the config file?

yes i resolved that issue.But now v2 version is not running for get command it is giving “421 error”

Hint: check your File size/permissions :slight_smile:

I have checked permissions
and file size

When you run the for Module4, the previous Module3 files have been removed and you have been provided new files (vsftpd binaries and vsftpd.conf file) which have config parameters set correctly.

how should i check binary files?

Since it is a local client, should you be using the IP address of the VM or use the local host instead?

i am using VM ip address


Remember that some versions are faulty. V1 is the version with no issues.

but vsftpd.conf file same for both . so , are we supposed make changes in binary?

All the versions have to be run with the same config file.