Module 4 Task 7 related query

I have wrote an automation script in which I have automated the process of file transfer both download and upload.
While initiating an ftp connection.
I am providing my username and password.
When this shell script will be running on test assessment server, username and password will be different.
How can i handle this issue as the input for script is only vsftpd version and QBOXbenchmark

You don’t need to worry about username and password, our internal assessment will take care of that. You also don’t need to worry about inputs vsftpd version and QBox Benchmark files. Just make sure that the script is working fine.

Are you comparing each and every value of the current version’s output with the benchmark file?

@Saurav_Crio.Do So should we completly ignore the ftp login part? Just starting the ftp server would suffice?

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I am not getting what should be the starting point of the script, like to compare the cpu usage of v2 with that of benchmark, will I have to include the commands from starting the vsftpd_v2 server? And how will I transfer the file without using the username and password for ftp server?

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There are some topics that have this addressed on forum. Please try to find them.