Module 4. stuck at this error since a day!

When I try to download the file from ftp_server to ftp_ client
550 failed to open file

What are you doing after creating a ftp connection

change the directory to ftp_server and get sample.txt

refer this : Ftp error 550 Failed to open file

nope , my directories ftp_server and ftp_client are owned by crio-user only

@visargdesai ???

Try looking for permission of file that you are trying to transfer

still not solved??? what to do

@nisarg I think you are doing well. So, here is the pro tip for you. I think this will help you.

please check the file permission & file ownership.
you can easily check the file permission & owner by “ls -l”.

note:- you can’t access any file without proper permission or ownership/owner-permission.

thank you.

hi, if this is the case in only some of versions of vsftpd, this is intentional as you’ll see in next miletsone tasks. Otherwise, this may be a permission error