Module 4 query for getstockquote

public List getStockQuote(String symbol, LocalDate from, LocalDate to)
throws JsonProcessingException {}

can someone tell me what is its use

i think it should be used to deserialise the api response

but arguments passed to the function

how can they be used

Call the function for uri and use it to call the API from this method.

got it thanks for your reply

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would you please make it more clear. I am failing on one test only just because of this method.

Yeah sure. What’s your doubt?

hey @shoryajain,
why do we need to call the API in the first place, the function parameter is list portfolioTrades, isn’t the list contains the values already?
or is it like that, some func called stockquotes() and then call the calculateAnnualizedReturn in implementation class with the output of stockquotes as a function parameter?
can you clear my doubt?

So basically you need to use the API to get data for given stocks, which is done by getStockQuotes. You then use that data in the given class to calculate the returns. The list if trades doesn’t have values.