Module 4 not getting unlocked!

It has been nearly a day since I completed module 3. Yet module 4 is not getting unlocked! Please look into the issue

Hey, have you got a build successful E-mail?
if it is not so, please check the TODO’s and guidelines again to rectify the error

Yes, I got the mail, please try to resolve the issue

I’m having the same problem, I passed my module 3 assesment and received a build successful email. But still the Module 4 remains locked. I tried hard refresh but no solution came out as of yet :frowning:.

Qbox Module 4 will be unlocked after some time. Have some chill, it will be unlocked later

Okay… but somebody posted on slack channel #random about module 4 being difficult, how is it possible? - Did you see this announcement and try the mark as incomplete/complete?

Just resolved this issue, anyways… thanks