Module 4 not getting passed

5 test cases isn’t getting passed even after several tries.

what are you writing in the direction files?

I tried all possible ways by submitting as-
1- upload
2- download
3- upload
4- empty file
but in all cases, my unit testing didn’t pass
I don’t know why

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Are you saving these files as .txt . If so then it might be the problem

Or you are writing the wrong versions.

the file is not in .txt file format
I don’t know about the versions but Acc. to me which I have debug it should be right.

All the faulty versions shows a vast difference in values of their respective domains.

And remember one more thing, if a version is not able to transfer file then dont include that version high cpu usage

What i mean is just include those versions which shows abnormal behaviour with respect to that milestone

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  • for the test cases failing, check that log of those test cases.
  • then check the respective files for the test cases failing
  • debug again for those versions, to check for the answers which you wrote.
  • you might find some mistake, resolve it.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Sir plz can you check again I have checked many times and I am sure I wrote the correct version. How many times will I debug

sir plz check again
I am sure bcz I have debugged a lot of times

Can you help me still unable to pass
And after a lot of debugging I am sure my ans are okay

which test cases are you failing?


Just to confirm, you are writing in this format:

For version number files:

And for direction:


I wrote in this format

Are there multiple versions in your file transfer fail?

there are multiple in file transfer fail

And did you test both the directions for these verions?
It may happen that transfer may fail in upload but work in download

ya I checked in both

Does it consider in fail if I can’t upload and download or just one of them

was the error occuring in both directions?