Module 4 , milestone 2

While running the different versions of vsftpd , none of them is consuming 2X or more time CPU .
I just wants to confirm if it is wrong or right. And also the vsftpd which are giving error during FTP, do we have to correct them and make them work ?
Do we need to write the faulty vsftp in high cpu usage file.

Ensure that you are checking the correct process during file transfer. The CPU usage will vary.
If any versions give errors, just list those versions in the respective file, you have not been asked to fix them.

remember some versions are faulty, when you are on ms 2 just look for ms2 task board requirements.
hint: think about parent and child processes

Do we need to write the faulty vsftpd in high cpu usage file or leave it.

@sachinssn are you sure cause I had a version which was hitting 98-100% cpu usage while upload/download?

Same here, none of them is consuming 2X or more time CPU.

are all the versions from 1 to 7 working for you guys? I am getting 421 error in v2, v3 and v4

please check for both parent and child process

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Just need to repeat the same steps/ script which you ran for milestone 1 and just visualize the parameters required and you will get there.

if any one come across this just lemme know as to what to do

Hey @sachinssn @abhinavk2804 checkout this will help

You just have to write faulty version under high cpu usage file