Module 4 milestone 2 v2

for server v2 get command is working but put is not working.
put command never comes to a hault.CPU usage remains 0% forever.

That might suggest it is a faulty version.
See if the file size is increasing while using the put command.
Go through all the milestones.This will give you a better idea of the problem.

check for both small and big files(10 MB TO 1GB)
see some of them will have very slow speed due to which may be put command will come to end for small size in 2-3 min

cpu usage is always 0 ,it never increases

Some versions can have Cpu usage as 0.
Go through the Office Hours for module 4 and note down your analysis in the Excel sheet provided.
Then compare the result with the benchmark version.

May be u aren’t using top command with refresh rate of 1 sec use top command with -d option
may be you are measuring wrong process
go through the forum u will find which process to measure

a very small cpp file had transfer speed of 100MB/s.

then try 10 mb to 5mb you will find and if the speed remains high then there will be no fault