Module 4 Milestone 1

My RES value is not changing during file transfer. I am stuck here for 2 days.

Do you want to test beta versions for high memory usage? If so you can focus on the total memory used instead of memory used by the process itself. When i was doing this milestone RES value remained almost same for vsftpd process but total memory used by all running process increased a lot.

I want to set the benchmark values. Specifically the average memory and increase in memory values. What should i do?

Set average memory as total memory used (by all process) and increase in memory values as RES value of the vsftpd process (in my case it was so low i set it to 0 MB). You will only be using average memory for next milestones so just make sure that is correct.

all process means? i have 3 processes for vsftpd_v1 1 for sudo and 1 for ftp. which ones to track?

Just check total RAM used or increase in RAM used, I know its not an ideal approach, vsftpd and ftp processes will never take much memory.

Hi you could also use htop command with tree view to see child processes of the parent process.
Also try deleting the file on server before you upload the file again on the server to see the difference.

its mentioned on forum, you can take avg of RES value which you are getting, also think again about which process you have to monitor, child parent or both

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do we need to track parent process or the child process?

You need to track the vsftpd process for which the values of memory and cpu are changing.
Hint: use htop in tree view

Got it. There is an other problem/confusion Iā€™m having. Out of 7 version files, 4 are not working, and others have some other problems(which is fine according to milestones). I want to wrap up this module today, so are those four versions really faulty or am I making some mistake?

If by not working, you mean not connecting for either upload or download or both, then no. 4 versions are not faulty. Recheck. Also there is an excel sheet on slack. Use it.