Module 4 - Milestone 1: Get command running but unable to see downloaded files. Similar case with put command

Unable to see any downloaded files in my folder, although transfer has file transfer has taken place.

Hey prabhu! Just to make sure you are looking at the right directory run !ls in the ftp> terminal to find where the file is getting downloaded.

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A 0 byte transfer does imply nothing was transferred I believe. Did you try checking the original file?

check original file size and name with ls.

Nothing is being printed on screen using !ls

Hey just check out this link shared by Crio

You will find all the available resources here.
And I can feel your pain bro was stuck on same issue. Check you remote and local position must not be same this error come in only one condition when you are reading and writing file at the same time on a same directory. Watch this

Was your file of 0 byte… If no, try making a new file and tranfer is

@prabhu, check your remote directory. Make sure to go to the correct remote directory using cd. Once you get there, use get <filename> . Don’t use the whole path to the filename. Also check the 5th line of your output - how are the local and remote paths same?