Module 4 Milestone 1 Debugging Cpu Usage

In the benchmark file it’s asked to monitor the Cpu usage of the file transfer.
My question is whether to monitor the average cpu for the Qbox server process or Ftp process using the top command as both show different cpu usages over a period of time

that is your task to figure out just spend some more time you will get it.

If three days is not more time i don’t know how much more should i invest myself in this.
The instructions in the task board are not clear enough.If you could point me in the correct direction that would be very helpful.

Instructions are good enough and for hint if you will run ftp server without running the QBox server top command will still show process named ftp but you are not able to transfer the file but when you run QBox server then you are able to transfer the file so now you can figure out yourself which process you have to monitor.

Think about what is the process you are trying to benchmark.

why i getting cpu usage 0% while upload and download file using ftp??