Module 4 Milestone 1 Accessing server from within workspace

We are told to access the QBox server from within the workspace and then are told to download the file into the client folder which would be in the workspace. So wont that slow down the workspace?

Both Client and Server folder on the machine should be outside of the workspace directory. Please check the directories specified in the instructions clearly.

Yeah, I was taking care of that aspect but got confused when it was said to access the server from within the workspace. But the query is solved. Thanks a lot.

Do we need to transfer the 1 gb file between the ftp_client and ftp_server outside the workspace, but run the server within the workspace, from ftp_client present inside the workspace ?

This is confusing !

If you create 1gb files inside your workspace then it’s going to create heavy load in the workspace and will take time to load.

The ftp_server and ftp_client are just directories, they can be anywhere (we have recommended keeping these outside workspace directory). The QBox Server (which is the vsftpd process) will be executed from within workspace since the vsftpd binary file is present here.