Module 3 vsftpd install?

Do we need to install vsftpd?
In NOTE it is given that don’t install using apt-get . Do we need to install it using any other commands?

You need not install it, the file vsftpd_v1 is provided and that needs to be run.

How to run it?
I gave permissions for vsftpd_v1.

You need to run in sudo mode

Yeah I have done it . I am running with root. But the error : command not found arised.

if you want to execute a file from same directory use ./filename

yeah . I did it.
500 OOPS: could not bind listening IPv4 socket
This is the error now.

First kill the earlier process and then start the server again.


points that there’s some other application(or most probably an instance of the same application opened previously but haven’t terminated yet - see Orphaned processes ) using the port you have assigned for the server. You can ascertain if that’s the case, using netstat command to check if there’s a listing for the port you want to use.

Now, what to do about it?

  • Kill the process using the port - If you are sure that the killing the process occupying your port won’t be a disaster, you can use ps command to find the processes id and use it to kill the process

  • For the purpose of testing the server, assign a different port for your server in vsftpd.conf and before submitting for assessment revert it to the required port.

Other vsftpd_v1 process is already running. Kill the other running process, first get the PID of the vsftpd_v1 process using ps command and then use kill -9 PID to kill the process.
Run vsftpd_v1 again.