Module 3 : Unable to set port to 8081

After doing possible work I am unable to figure out the issue since port 8081 is not visible neither anything related to vsftpd when I run netstat -an.Can anyone please suggest

run sudo netstat -lntp
the port 8081 will be visible within first 10 lines of output

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How was the error of vsftpd_v1:command not found resolved?

when you type a command the shell searches it in the path variable
you can edit the path variable or try the other way to specify the absolute path of the command

Hey @Manishka1, vsftpd_v1 is not an internal command therefore you have to invoke vsftpd_v1 from the contained directory.

sudo./vsftpd_v1 vsftpd_v1.conf

Try to kill all running processes of vsftpd_v1.

this command gave an error ->500 OOPS: config file not owned by correct user, or not a file

Hey @Manishka1, try to grant root user ownership to the config files.

chown root <file_name>

Hope this helps!

May I please know what all changes have to be made in .conf file?

PS. You should tinker around the error and you will find the solution for sure.

It did not work. Error:->chown: changing ownership of ‘vsftpd_v1.conf’: Operation not permitted


killall vsftpd_v1

This did not work. Thank you for being so patient

@Manishka1,Kindly share your SS for the current situation and brief explanation of what you are trying to accomplish.



in the config file.

I have made this changea.png
did what you said

O I see! Use

sudo chown root file

Then try to proceed.

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Please tell if this is what is needed?

Correct! The vsftpd server is listening on port 8081. Now try to transfer some files using ftp.

Thank you so much for your assistance and I believe I m done with milestone 1?

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