Module 3 test cases

I have checked my sorting and data types.But it is still failing two test cases returnoldtrades and varying date ranges.I cannot even debug my code for these two because when I click the beaker icon for tests it just shows two test files Module two test and PortfolioManagerApplication test.How should I go about it?Also I have refreshed and reset my workspace many times the colour code is remaining blue and is not changing to yellow for the files?

Module 3 test cases will only be visible in Debug after passing the module. They are essentially hidden test cases that need to resolved by finding out where your logic fails.

As for files being blue, I think that may be because of resolving the merge conflicts you must have got while making the pull.

Thank you .I have solved the issue.I have passed the assessment.

how you resolve this error…???

those who are stuck at similar issue; check the discussions in this post

You’ll definitely find what you need to know.

Hey @Patralekha , Have a look here - How to pass Calculate Returns Varying Date Ranges and Calculate Returns Old Trades

Check the formula you are using to calculate ,focus on days/years.It worked for me and the change in colour code was due to a detached head,I used git reset.