Module 3 retuning of json response

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    since i tried the things more deeply i there is no hint to tell clearly that what was the todo for module 3. i posted some questions and got todo and then i tried again and got the output as 3/4 means i test case fails and i did all…again… again
    after that also there is not hint… same thing post again again…getting one module…that refer this and you will be clearify… ya ryt i got it but even though i m having some mistakes in my code. if possible to check then tell… i will here to modify it untill i won’t get success in alll the test cases… now again i don’t want that… refer this or go through this…i saw that already more than tow time…still somewhere lost means i can not able to do by myself… there is needed a expert advice

  2. How much time have you spent debugging this issue?
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    two weeks

  3. What is your hypothesis?
    last test cases fails.

Hi @spsyco
Looks like you are facing challenges in the current module.

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thank you so much sir… but i already did this… now this time question is diffrent not heading,>>
so the problem is to identify the test cases filure…??
how can i detect whether this test case is fail…due to what…??


For the assessment failing just download the unittest.log file and check for error and debug it

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