Module 3 QEats, Test for pinterest fails after submitting code

I was working on module 3 and everything works fine in the workspace and using the QEats app. However after submitting my code, 1/3 test cases fail (test_post_to_pinterest_share). The changes do reflect on my Pinterest account after making requests, however test fails
I have spent almost two hours but I can find the error.
The log file says “Pinterest API: Looks you have hit the per hour API limit” but I had tried after an hour and the test still failed`

Your per hour API limit is crossed. Try after 1 hour or create a new API token.

Yeah, After exhausting my limit twice, finally I was able to submit the code with all test cases passed. Thanks!

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Hey we do have potential FAQ for this query, read this post and you’ll definitely find it helpfull

Hi Thanks, I had actually hit the limit twice and was trying for two hours, hence thought of posting it. The issue is resolved now. You can close this thread. Thanks!