Module-3(milestone -4) Error in while running it

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please explain the process of running, i am also getting error if i have not added a single line of code in it.

this is the log document

You have hardcoded the values in file. Please avoid that.
You have made changes in def init(self) in please revert back the changes in that definition. Use as a reference and complete there are some definitions which are missing. There is a reason that file is given please use that file. Don’t hardcode any values. As it might not pass the assessment.

okay , let me try the same

I founded the error can you please explain how to convert this url ( )
generated from pinterest api to url we will use in,
i did like this
response =“”,params=params)

and passing the values in params as did early in

try using url as ‘’%self.page_access_token

I am also getting the same error but I have not hardcoded any value in

Is your problem resolved?? How did you resolve it?? I am also getting same error

not yet solved, i will let you know if i know in future

hey just ignore that and proceed. you need not run

okay, i did some changes in init method on facebook , can you give the screenshot of the function that was provided .

how to remove this error , even i have not written a single line in view.js

can you please suggest some solution , i have done the changes that you wanted me to do!!
and also my and is working fine

In you have hardcoded the parameters and you are not using the parameters passed in the function.