Module 3 milestone $3 filezilla error at PASV

I think this is some issue by fileZilla , can you check this following link,
I think this should solve the problem.

stuck for a long time!!

You made sure your passive mode was on?

I dont know what is wrong…
Have used the pasv_enable but still in the ftp console I have to manually use pass to activate passive mode and that means passive mode is not automatically activated, maybe this is the reason why filezilla is not connecting…
urgent help needed!!
if u have access to my code, pls look at it, have used the pasv_enable but still it is not opening passive mode automatically.

I’m facing the same issue. Everything in my config file is according to milestone tasks.

Hey, even if you don’t type passive command on your ftp command line client it should work, did it connect before?

Nope, I dont think it is automatically opening in passive mode.

did you add any other extra boolean option which was not there in the milestone tasks?

No extra options are there…

now stuck for almost 2 days…

Hey just refer the forum and google some of the errors, it’s possible you have missed something out, check again.