Module 3 milestone 2 ftp problem

When I tried to send files using put
500 Illegal PORT command.
ftp: bind: Address already in use
Tried everything from forum. Still not working. Please help!!!

Hey, would you please elaborate on the problem… Are you absolutely sure that your FTP server is running?
Check your running processes to confirm that. Also, a binding error generally means you tried to run multiple FTP servers on the same port at the same time. Make sure you’re running only one FTP server.

Yes I assured that the server is running using netstat. Actually address already in use might mean that I’m trying to run multiple ftp servers. But I’ve already started one, which was successfully connected, then I was trying to share files after which I got the error!

@subhamkr You might first check your running process by ps -ef and kill any ftp processes already running. Then try to start ftp all over again.

What I did was,
First, I started the ftp server using sudo ./vsftpd_v1 vsftpd_v1.conf from the QBox directory.
Then I did chown crio-user vsftd.log in the workspace directory.
Then I tried to connect to ftp server using sudo ftp (Workspace URL) 8081, which was successful and returned 230 Login successful. Then I tried to put the file upload.txt on server using put upload.txt which returned local: upload.txt remote: upload.txt
500 Illegal PORT command. Now, what to do?