Module 3 Milestone 1?

I am testing the calculateAnnualizedReturn function using
./gradlew test --tests PortfolioManagerApplicationTest.testCalcaulateAnnualizedReturn.
The first line says Test:Success but It also gives an exception.Is my annualizedReturn function coorect or it contains some error?

There is no test by that name, hence the error.
There was no test failure, hence the build success.
You can keep working on further modules. This won’t hamper you.

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It is OK. You’re not building the Gradle just testing your application. Once you complete all implementation and then do Gradle build it will show you Success. Just move further then do Gradle build.

All the best for further modules!

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Also for the total_num_of_years calculation we have to convert the total days present in between the two dates in year or just take the diff bw the years?

The former. Use the days.

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