Module 3, Milestone 1- PORT number

Not able to check the port number for vsftpd_v1.
I have tried sudo netstat -ltnp and sudo netstat -ltnp| grep “vsftpd_v1”

I have also tried sudo netstat -an


Hi @vishal0708
Looks like you are facing challenges in the current module.

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Hi @vishal0708,

Can you try grepping for the port which the FTP server listens to by default?

Default Port is 21.
Tried netstat -ltnp| grep “:21”
but no luck

Please try using the -an flag as suggested in the later half of the Milestone page

hi @Nabhan-CrioTA
I have tried but no luck

sudo netstat -an |grep “:21”

Ok, can you please post a screenshot of first few lines of your netstat output like 10 or something?

hi @Nabhan-CrioTA

It seems like in your vsftpd.conf file you have set the listening port as 8081. Can you verify that?

yes @Nabhan-CrioTA I have changed , But not able to figure it the port number . There is no port with 8081.

You are executing the netstat command while the server is still running in a different shell, right?

no, I the same shell I am running

I’m closing this thread as the issue has been resolved over DM

I am facing similar issue. can you help me out?

Hi @krishnabathwal,

Can you please walk me through what all you have tried out & also if you have checked with the discussion in this thread? What is your hypothesis regarding your issue?

I successfully started vsftpd_v1 server and confirmed it by running command for current threads. But I am not able to figure out the port number by running netstat -an command

We just have to double-check from the netstat output that the vsftpd server is indeed running. You can refer the discussion in this thread to understand which port to check for

I checked using port number 21. It shows the output. But I want to know that is that the correct output or correct way to know the port number. Like I didn’t use vsftpd_v1 in netstat command for port number.

Ok, I understand. Yeah, that’s actually quite useful.

Can you do a quick Google search for how to see process id using netstat? Then, you can match it with that of the vsftpd server running