Module 3 milestone 1 ftp problem!

Used sudo chown crio-user vsftpd_v1.conf and then edited the conf file by listen_port=8081 and local_enable=YES, connect_from_port_20 = YES.
Then used sudo chown root vsftpd_v1.conf and then tried to run the server using sudo ./vsftpd_v1 vsftpd_v1.conf
It is still stuck and is showing nothing, maybe the server has started.
Then in another terminal, I typed ftp (replaced this with my ip address) 8081
The connection is established. But it is showing 500 OOPS : vsftpd : not found: directory given in ‘secure_chroot_dir’ :/usr/share/empty
I searched for the directory empty in /usr/share but there ain’t any. Tried to create one in /usr/share with no success as create permissions are not there. Do I really need to create directory empty Or there is some other problem?
P.S. - I am stuck here since the last 4 days!!!

you have to create directory with that name and use mkdir command with sudo to ignore permission denied error