Module 3 Assesment Failure?

My assessment is getting failure . My build run successful and I have not hardcoded anything .Please help and I also followed all the faqs but still not able to solve it.

I take the difference bw the dates in days using :long days = ChronoUnit.DAYS.between(trade.getPurchaseDate(), endDate);

and also verified in the mainCalculateStringReturn() that if the purchaseDate is after the endDate then throws a runTime Exception.

I am also having the same problem.
Waiting for crio-devs to respond.

If the endDate and PurchaseDate are equal then what we have to take in number of Days zero or 1?

Your calculation logic is wrong. Check your logic :slight_smile:

Can you gave me a littel hint where I am going wrong?It would be helpful for me @gouravsardana.
Also sir,I have passed endDate from the data returned from api call.

@gouravsardana, can you look at my submission

HINT- Look at your annual return :slight_smile:

Is there some calculation mistake or some logic mistake .I am not getting it @gouravsardana

There are some minor mistakes in your calculation

@gouravsardana Sir,I have done all the changes required for the annualReturn function .But still not able to pass the assesement .Please help ,totally stucked on it.

Hi @jadgehimanshu1999 @void5253, while you are checking @gouravsardana suggestion, can you also check if you have made any changes to the test files?

P.S: I’ve been checking my logic & refactoring my code for the past 6 days only to find out today that the reason was a change I had made to the test file in accordance with the changes I made due to a checkstyle error