Module 3 Assesment Failure (2/3) Testcases are passing

confirm_server_listening .Out of three test cases this is not running please help

i haven’t encounter this error, but you can do one thing, try to run the vsftpd without the .conf file. After the prompt for password, if it looks like halt then probably it means it rans, close the process, copy the log file, then try push the code.

I tried the same and the terminal halt when it was runned using sudo ./vsftpd_v1 .and then I copy using

cp ~/workspace/vsftpd.log ~/workspace/jadgehimanshu1999-ME_QBOX/client_server/ command but still does not passing the thirs test case for confirm_server_listening

did you run the vsftpd server before changing the port to 8081, if then remove the port 8081 from the conf file and try run the server again, after running it close it and try pushing it again. Hope this will work.

My assesment is not running it still shows the result of old assesments only .But my terminal shows new assesment will be available shortly and I am also not getting any email now for the new assesment failurre or addition.

sometimes it can take upto 15 m, so stay patience until then.

I am also facing the same problem. I tried, it shows new changes on git status but when I commit it shows your branch is upto date.

New report received but now still one test case is pending .confirm_server_listening

I figured it out. Just run the sudo ./vsftpd_v1 vsftpd_v1.conf in one terminal.
Open other terminal and navigate to /workspace/xyz-ME_QBox and run the command given in milestone #1 starting with netstat -an…