Module 3. Added the port 8081. Still not running

I have added the listen_port = 8081 in the vsftpd_v1.conf file. I am executing the file but it is not running. The port number hasn’t changed. Can anybody help?

Try using netstat and grep to see if there’s activity in the defined port. Also, to see the process running, use ps command. This will give you an idea regarding if its problem with port assignment(netstat) or the program not running(ps)

Also, check if there’s some other process running on the assigned port. In that case, you should either kill that process(be cautious) or assign a different port for checking and then before submitting for assessment change the port to the required port

I have check all the processes using ps command as well as grep. The port number is still 8081 even though I have added listen_port in the .conf file.

How to check vsftpd_v1 in processes ?
I have used ps -ef
I see this in Path Coulumn
vsftpd_v1 vsftpd_v1.conf
Am I going right way ? @antas_sinha

Yeah, you are going the right way. Just grep the name of the file or port number so as to list out only the needed files.