Module 2 Qmoney problem

> The method debugOutputs() is undefined for the type PortfolioManagerApplication

This is in the test file of the module 2 after pulling it from git.

You did something wrong during resolving merge conflict

I accepted the incoming changes on the main file and didn’t do anything on this file

Exactly. Look at the TODO’s for the current module.
Do you think that you made the right decision?

TODOs for the current module? you mean the taskboard? I have pulled the code as written there and I was using the git mergetool but I couldn’t understand how it was working… it was opening on vim and in one video from crio team it was opening on gedit which was relatively easy to understand… so I opened the files and accepted the incoming changes. What should i have done could you help me?

Look at the main java file. You can clearly see in TODO that it requires you to copy code from previous mainReadfile function manually. So you need to accept both changes and do the neccessary modifications as suggested in TODO manually.

Hey no worries, you have access to your gitlab right?

You can go to your respective QMONEY repository, and go the particular directory where portfolioManagerApplication file is present.

Your File would be in this directory:

You can copy and paste the functions that were accidentally removed by you from module 1,

For future reference, you can refer to the TODO’s and understand as to what can be done.
Happy Coding :slight_smile:

try : git reset --hard HEAD
and resolve merge conflicts again without using mergetools this time. :innocent:
PS. make sure to take backup to the code you have written after git pull.