Module 2 milestone task

The response from the api sends numerous fields for each symbol.
My doubt is whether to check the field only on the final date for each symbol and sort it or combine all the fields for all symbols and return the sorted thing.

I think they asked us to sort on the basis of closing value. we don’t require any other in this module.

Closing value on the end date or all the dates from starting to ending?

You just need to check the closing value on end date, as written in the milestone and then carry out further tasks.

we don’t need them just use closing value.

if you check for that file mentioned in the todo you’ll see if ignores all the irrelevant information of the response and stores only a few objects.
from that you can store the symbol and closing price of end date in another class.
it’s already in your workspace just search for it.
let me know if it works