Module 2 milestone 2 unit test failed

I have done the task to calculate the cpu speed by taking the core 0(first core) and it works fine, But when I submit the assesment then the unit test failed.

make sure that should be an integer and should be in format of KB or MB whatever which is provided in instructions

yes, it is an Integer . and my code works fine in terminal and show “CPU Speed of 2499 MHz is sufficient for QBox” I think this is fine.

See I use this logic
cpunumber=cat /proc/cpuinfo | awk 'NR==13{printf("%d", $4)}'

cpuspeed=cat /proc/cpuinfo | awk 'NR==8{printf("%d", $4)}'

cpuSpeedInMHz=`expr $cpunumber \* $cpuspeed`

If the logic is wrong then please give me some hints