Module 2 -Milestone 2- unable to place cat output in a variable

In module 2, Milestone 2 -
I’m able to see the CPU speed using - cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep ‘cpu MHz’ -m1| awk ‘{print$4}’|cut -d. -f1
Now question is how can i place this in a variable. I tried a lot. Not getting any solution. Can any one help (edited)

Hi @rhuded
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Hi @rhuded,

You can just store the results returned by the command you have specified in a variable by executing the same command inside the script. : I didn’t get you. will you please elaborate. At present i’m unable to save the result of cat command in a variable. If you give an example it will be helpful.

Yeah sure. Check out this link:

cpuSpeedInMHiz=cat /proc/cpuinfo|grep 'cpu MHz' -m1|awk '{print$4}'|cut -d. -f1

resolved !

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