Module 2 completed. Assessment report received in mail, build successful but no report in Dashboard and Module 3 not unlocking

All milestones completed, assessment report received in mail with build successful but no report in Dashboard and Module 3 not unlocking.

I pushed my code twice and two build successful mails were sent to me but even after refreshing my dashboard and waiting for around 10 minutes, no assessment os shown and Module 3 is still unlocked.

Make sure you complete the DBriefs too after getting the build success and then refresh. Module 3 will be unlocked after this.

Debrief does not exist for this module

We are working hard to get you your debrief for this module.

This is what I am getting in the Debrief tab

In the assessment tab, do you get the success message? If yes, follow the next points if the previous points don’t work.

  1. Reload the page
  2. Uncheck the last assessment completion and check it again.
  3. Try incognito mode.
  4. Contact the crio team.

Hey does this issue still exist?

Hey @ajay-crio ,

I have done module 2. Received build success mail. But not able to see assessment report on crio website and my module 3 is still unlocking.
I have tried.

  1. Hard refresh (ctrl+shift+R)
  2. also deleted cache
  3. done marking incomplete and complete several times
  4. pushed code after certain updations around 3-4 times.

Guys, help me out!

Hey @Sakshat-Crio.Do,

Can you help him in this matter ?

Does the some issue persists for you too ?

yes, Module 3 is still lock.

Did you can you try any one or all of the following -

  1. hard refresh (ctrl+shift+r)
  2. just try going to the previous module de-brief, mark it as incomplete and then mark as complete again.