Module 2 cat $1

I am unable to understand this statement -"Start the expression to populate the variable with “cat $1” which is the command line filename input
my code gives correct output on terminal but on running the code in respective file i am not getting desired output
please help

The “cat $1” is the first command line argument.

for example :-
if you run ./ X Y Z , then X is the first cmd line arg ($1), Y is the second cmd line arg ($2) and so on…

so in milestone 4, we are giving the argument /etc/os-release, and in the output section i am getting output of the command /etc/os-release along with the required output

When you run cat /etc/os-release, you need to grab version_id and the os name from the output. Hope this helps now :slight_smile:

I got that how to get that os name and version but on running the file my output is the output is of /etc/os-release along with the required output ,how can i remove the output of /etc/os-release