Module 1 Unit test Failure

I am getting following test failure:-

When I referred to unit test log it just shows build failure I am having troubles resolving this error.

If you want to check the particular test in the command line you can type.
‘./gradlew test --tests PortfolioManagerApplicationTest.testCalculateAnnualizedReturn’.

Where PortfolioManagerApplicationTest and testCalculateAnnualizedReturn your respective test function.
Check the TODO’S given as comments in your respective Java file.

I am getting 2/4 test case wrong. I have completed all TODOS in file.
when I run
./gradlew test --tests ModuleOneTest.mainReadFile as you suggested,
It says there are no test cases for that function. Please help.

Those are not the Only TODOs that you have to do.
There are more TODOs if you scroll down…

yeah I am also facing the same error - “no test cases found”. Did you get anything how to resolve it?

Donot hardcode thing try to make code generalized it will work.

Please ensure that you using the correct file name and you are using test case of that specific module. Like testCalculateAnnualizedReturn test case comes in module 3.