Module 1 log files and output

According to log files I am getting in task of printing total files in QBOX/logs I am having difference of time and and inspite of crio-user there’s root root written I am unable to figure out if it’s actually my mistake or what, and in other two cases I am having correct ouput then also those test cases are feeling I extremely need guidance now as I am stuck in it more than over 3 hours

This post belongs to module 1 category instead of getting started. I’m not able to clearly understand what are you trying to say. Can you post a screenshot? From what I can infer maybe you changed the permissions of one of the log files from crio-user to root accidently.

But it won’t matter in assessment. Just make sure you are running the right command to list files in long format and right order. Change in time will infact help you to confirm if your command is correct or not.

thank you, my all test cases have passed but still module 2 is not unlocked yet and even for 1 wrong submission it is counting as 2

Your welcome. That twice submission error is acknowledged by the Crio team and it won’t affect your score. It happens with me too. Have you completed the debrief to unlock module 2?