Module 1 assignment 3 not passing the test case(Stuck for 2 hours)

I have already submitted so many times. Everytime the output seems to be wrong which is right on my local machine.
Stuck on the problem 2 hours. kindly help.

focus on this line -This command should work irrespective of the current working directory.

senti143 has given a correct hint. If you are still stuck please reply on this topic and if your query is resolved please let us know.

Path was not the problem. But i was not using the pipes, didn’t knew why that was the problem, once i used stdin, it passed the test cases.

I am getting the output of as 32
but there is a build failure for this file’s testcase

Can you check that if you are on a different directory then you try to execute your command. I think your command may not be working from any other directory.