Module 1 assesment

Every time same error is coming although the build is successful. Can anyone tell what this error actually means?

Basically static code quality fails if your code is not satisfying coding rules.

Did you run ./gradlew build and solve checkstyle error?

yeah it passed successfully.

Can you show the output that you are getting for ./gradlew build

Not this one. run:

./gradlew build

Exactly. There is a checkstyle error.

Maybe you made some changes in the code. Keep grinding.

./gradlew build is used to check test cases, check styling of your code, and spotbug is to find bugs in your code.
Use this command and read instructions written, they are very much clear. Copy paste your error in Google search for possible solutions.
And first of all delete you screenshots :joy: your code is visible there. Otherwise Crio team will send you Warning msg.
And please explore other files present in system. Are we doing something related to employees?

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You need to resolve all checkstyle issues and ensures SpotBug also raises no issues before submitting code so that it passes static quality analysis. You can do that by running a full build using ./gradle build.