Modeule 2, milestone 1

Having trouble in understanding milestone 1 of module 2.

In module 2, you have to compare different specifications of the online VM/Workspace with necessary figures.

For example :- in milestone 1 it says - The QBox host should have at least 2 GB RAM installed to run without slowing down the machine or apgurp performance. Find the total memory installed in the system and check if it meets these requirements.

Try figuring out the VM/workspace’s memory and compare it with required figure.

what is the meaning of start expression to populate teh variable with “cat $1” ??


Me also could not figure out meaning of cat $1 …???

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Read more about command line arguments and cat command you will understand the meaning of cat $1

$1 is the command line argument,

for example, you’ve written cat $1 | grep "LOL". Means when you will execute the command like ./ sample.txt then sample.txt is your command line argument.

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Why sample.txt after ./
How should I execute the above-given example?
Every time I execute cat $1 command CLI does not respond to anything no error and no returning to the current directory.
How to use this info written in comment

“Start the expression to populate the variable with “cat $1” which is the command line filename input”

@vipulkrishna @shah-ms

  • While using cat $1 INSIDE the shell script, it is an alias for the first command line argument we pass when running the bash(.sh) script. So, naturally when you directly run cat $1 in the terminal, you wouldn’t get a response.

  • If you want to try if your command is working on the terminal first, use the full filename as parameter to cat command instead of $1