Mod 3 clarifai problem

I’m not able to understand what I have to do to in file.
I have done the necessary changes in the file.
Also I’m getting an unused variable image_url error.

Hi @anshima03
Looks like you are facing challenges in the current module.

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please help me with the file

You have to call the getTagSuggestions function in this from the clarifaiTagSuggestions python file.
Store it as a list of tags.
That’s it and your task is done :slight_smile:

I have done exactly what you have said and im also getting the list of tags But now my one test case is not passing. It is saying index out of range error.

You just have to collect the tags and pass them to other methods. In the above screenshot, in def post method call the clarifai service again to obtain tags.

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