Milestone 6 problem

whenever i try to capture packets using
sudo tcpdump -C 2 -w client_connection_file_transfer.pcap

and initiate a file transfer via filezilla , it gets queued

and the tcpdump captures many packets and creates


and soon

but the transfer via filezilla stays queued

only when i terminate the tcpdump command with ctrl-c
the transfer via filezilla takes place

please help
stuck with this issue

You need to filter out dump based on ports.
Try add port not 8080 at the end of tcp dump command

try limiting tcpdump to a specific port or exclude 8080 port in that way the size of .pcap decreases drastly and only one file is created

thanks solved it
thankyou very much for the help

even with this so many packets are coming, in milestone 3 which protocol to filter out?

you need to figure out where the tcp handshake started by using filters