Milestone 4: Which pcap file to use?

Third line onwards: Use a previously connected pcap file for a normal connection termination between your laptop and the QBox host. Paste the packets that show a normal connection termination.
This is an instruction to do in module 4.
I cant understand which pcap file is meant here?
@amanagar, @chandra-kiran_crio, @Saurabh_Crio_TA

You have to use that file which contains those packets that were created when you transmitted file from client to server.

does it have to be one of the files we stored in analyzing protocol directory?
or can we just open and terminate connection and store that in a .pcap file and copy paste the packets?
I’m getting build failure which is my i’m asking

or do we have to paste the packets from client_connection1.pcap itself?

the .pcap you used just before the current one

Well its mentioned that you have to use a previously connected pcap file

still not able to clear. anymore formats i need to aware of?
i wrote the packets in a single line separated by a column

only specify packet numbers. not packets. i got stuck on this for hours last night. the instructions are a bit vague.

also comma separate them. in a single line. from the pcap that you created when you monitored file transfer.

THANKS THIS WORKED!!!, i don’t know why it is mentioned in the faqs as copy the packets as texts and then paste it.

this was clearly misleading.

@robsteneha which pcap file to use for mentioning the packet numbers?

You need to use the file for which you captured packets during file transfer from client to QBox server.

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@sg27, do you mean client_connection_file_transfer.pcap?

You can give it a try. If it solved your problem plz upvote.

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The last file you created for testing the file transfer

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Yes this one is correct

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