Milestone 4, time variation for smaller files

If the time taken for a particular version of vsftpd to transfer 1GB file is too long, but the time taken for the same to transfer 1MB file is less.
Should that version is considered faulty for milestone 4?

You should compare it to the benchmark version for more clarity, though the real test is indeed with the heavy files.


  • If time taken for 1MB transfer in your benchmark is let’s say 10 sec and one your updated versions take, 1000 sec it could be a candidate for milestone 4

  • We need to make comparisons on similar scales. But, then it could be hard to find time taken with more precision, so try to compare with larger files itself.

  • And think about this: do we want to know how much time does a version take to transfer a large file or get enough information to support our proposition for the milestone?